DMS Travel Stipends

The Danish Microbiological Society supports a limited number of BSc and MSc student at Danish universities for travel as part of their studies in microbiology in autumn 2023 or in spring/summer 2024.

The deadline for applying for a DMS Travel Stipend was October 2nd 2023.

Travel stipends are given for:

•    Travel for working in another laboratory to learn new techniques of relevance to the project. 
•    Participation in courses outside Denmark, of relevance to the project .
•    Participation in conferences or congresses outside Denmark that directly benefit the project.
•    Field work that is part of the project.

You can apply for travel expenses, costs of living while traveling, bench fees at foreign institutions, and conference fees.

The maximum amount that can be applied for is 5.000 DKK.

The maximum 2 pages long application should include:

•    Name, address, and bank information of the applicant.
•    A brief description of the project.
•    An account of the importance of travel for the project.
•    An itemised budget.

In addition to the above, the student should enclose confirmation (e.g., an email) stating that the project supervisor approves of the travel and recommends funding.

Deadline for applying for a DMS Travel Stipend is October 2nd 2023.

Application should be sent electronically to 


The Danish Pasteur Society

A collaboration between DMS and the Danish Pasteur Society was established at the General Assembly on 13 November 2017.

The main purpose of the Danish Pasteur Society, is to provide funding for Danish research in microbiology, immunology and the associated sciences.

The support is granted for study tours or studies abroad; including at the "Institut Pasteur" or similar institutes in France and is mainly for postgraduates or researchers with a master's degree.

Pasteur Travel Grant

For more information on the Pasteur Travel Grant please visit

Executive board of the Danish Pasteur Society

  • Thomas Bjarnsholt (Chairman)
  • Kasper Nørskov Kragh (Treasurer)
  • Niels Høiby
  • Morten Kielland-Brandt
  • Carsten Suhr Jacobsen
  • Mette Burmølle