Advantages for student members

As a member of DMS, students will be informed about relevant microbiological arrangements. This way students will know where to meet microbiologists and build up new networks in the field of microbiology.

The student membership includes the same advantages as the ordinary membership and in addition to that, there are specific advantages for students.


Advantages only for students:

Free membership: For bachelor and master students the DMS membership is free.


Advantages for all DMS members:

Newsletters to members: Members of DMS receive newsletters with information about microbiological arrangements taking place in bothDenmark and other countries. The information can be about conferences, lectures, Ph.D. defences and so on. 
Members of DMS can also draw the attention of other members to specific arrangements by sending an e-mail to    

Symposium: Every year DMS arranges a symposium. Participants in the Symposium will be updated on the newest research in a chosen field of microbiology. The lecturers at the symposium are invited both from Denmark and from foreign countries. Furthermore the Symposium is a good opportunity to meet other microbiologists and exchange experiences.

Annual general meeting: The annual general meeting of DMS is held in connection with the symposium. Members of DMS can participate in both the general annual meeting as well as the microbiological arrangement it is connected to.

Arrangements in co-operation with Dansk Magisterforening: DMS is part of the scientific forum in Dansk Magisterforening. The scientific forum is established in2012. In the long term, members of DMS can participate in the events that will be organized in the scientific forum. Members of DMS can participate in these arrangements without being member of Dansk Magisterforening.