Mondays in Microbiolgy

Theme: CRISPR/anti-CRISPR and general bacteriophage defense and anti-defense systems

Date: 24 January 2022
Time: 15.30-17.00
Place: ZOOM:

Novel Acrs inhibiting type I-F and type II-A CRISPR system,
Franklin Nobrega
CRISPR-Cas systems on plasmids: prevalence, diversity, and putative functions,
Rafael Pinilla Redondo

Franklin Nobrega
Lecturer in Microbiology

University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Franklin Nobrega is a Lecturer in Microbiology at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton. His research focuses on the deep characterisation and understanding of the interaction between bacteria and their viruses, bacteriophages, from a biological, ecological and therapeutic perspective. He is also highly proactive in the translational potential of his work. He co-founded the Dutch Phage Bank (Fagenbank, Delft) to provide therapeutic phages worldwide on a non-profit basis and he co-patented an anti-CRISPR protein for use in the dairy industry. Currently, Nobrega continues to discover and characterise bacterial anti-phage immunity and phage counter measures, to characterise phages in gut microbiomes, and to develop innovative phage therapy approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.

Rafael Pinilla-Redondo
University of Copenhagen, Department of Biology, Denmark

2014 - BSc Biotechnology, Polytechnic Uni. Valencia, ES
2016 - MSc Biology-Biotech., Uni. Copenhagen (UCPH), DK
2020 - PhD Microbiology

  • UCPH, DK
  • Uni. California San Francisco, USA

2021 - Postdoc Molecular Microbiology, UCPH, DK