Register for membership

In order to be a member of DMS you have to fill in the registration form. In the registration form the following information is asked for: name, e-mail address, place of work/institution of education, section, and the address of the work/study.

Please note that you need to have a tie to Denmark either by living or working at an institution in Denmark. If you are not living or working in Denmark, you will need to be recommended by a researcher in Denmark.

In order to complete the registration as an ordinary member, one of the following payment manners has to be chosen:

  • Pay with payment card on the DMS’ homepage (type in account information)
  • Receive an electronic invoice (type in EAN number)
  • Receive a usual bill (tick)

DMS does not hand over any information. The information on members will only be used by DMS in order to organize the card index of the members in the society and for sending out e-mails to the members.

If you have any questions or problems with the registration form, please contact the DMS Secretariat at