Generalforsamling og symposium, 14. marts 2019

DMS is pleased to announce that its general assembly will take place on 14 March 2019. In that connection a symposium will be held on the topic of "microbes and secondary metabolites" hosted by both CeMiSt and Iimena.


Programme of the day:

13:00-13:20: Introduction to CeMiSt and Iimena by Lone Gram and Tilmann Weber

13:20-13:40: Microbial dark matter and secondary metabolites by Assistant professor Mikkel Bentzon-Tilia

13:40-14:00: Chemistry of microbial secondary metabolites by Associate professor Ling Ding

14:00-14:30Coffee break

14:30-14:50: Mining microbial genomes for secondary metabolites by Senior scientist Kai Blin

14:50-15:10: Secondary metabolites in interactions between Bacillus and Aspergillus by Professor Akos Kovacs

15:10-15:20: Break

15:20-16.00: General assembly followed by short constituting board meeting

16:00-16.30: Social mixer



Technical University of Denmark, DTU Biosustain, bygning 220, rum 213

Free Attendance: 

Attendance in the General Assembly and the oral session is free for all members of the Danish Microbiological Society.


All are welcome to attend and no registration is required.