About the DMS Congress

In recent years the Danish Microbiological Society has put on a large, one-day congress in November each year. The congress focus on six - eight specific areas of microbiology. The language of the symposia is exclusively English. Speakers at the congress are both Danish and foreign microbiologists who have produced exceptional results in their field. In addition, members of the Society are also encouraged to submit abstracts of posters they present, and among these, some are invited to make a brief oral presentation of their results for a larger audience. For each symposium the program has been divided in a number of parallel sessions, that each represents one particular area of microbiological focus.

The congress is an excellent opportunity to meet other researchers on the Danish scene, exchange ideas, and be up-dated on the newest results in the various branches of microbiology. During breaks the commercial sponsors' stands can be visited, where various companies demonstrate the newest laboratory equipment and materials.

Next DMS Congress

We are very sad to inform you that we have decided to postpone the DMS annual congress due to COVID19 restrictions from the venue, which means we cannot host our annual congress as we had hoped. The next DMS congress will therefore be held 15 November 2021, where we hope we will be able to meet again under more normalized circumstances.

More information about the programme, registration and abstract submission will be uploaded on the website in 2021.

Please contact the DMS congress secretariat if you have any questions: info@dmselskab.dk