Co-operation with Dansk Magisterforening

The Danish Microbiological Society co-operates with Dansk Magisterforening. The co-operation concerns both administrative tasks and dissemination of academic knowledge.

The administrative co-operation with Dansk Magisterforening was established in 2010 and concerns among other things administration of card index of the members and the planning of the annual symposium of DMS.

In the spring of 2012 Dansk Magisterforening established an academic forum. DMS is part of this academic forum together with a number of other scientific societies.

Because of the co-operation with Dansk Magisterforening in future DMS will be able to offer more arrangements. The arrangements can either deal with microbiology or be interdisciplinary and concern topics of which can be of interest among different scientific areas. Participation in these arrangements does not imply on membership of Dansk Magisterforenig. 

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